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May America Prosper, Through Generous Means.

Case in point. A major credit company announced that they were laying off about 4000 more employees because of low PROFITS. About 75% lower than last year. Wow. They still made a 25% PROFIT and they still choose to lay them off so their profit will be CLOSER TO LAST YEAR.

Definition of PROFIT: the excess of returns over expenditure in a transaction or series of transactions ; especially : the excess of the selling price of goods over their cost, : a gain.

This company received from the government stimulus, $3,360,000,000.00 That’s almost Three and a half billion folks. Now wouldn’t one think that with the loan and them making a PROFIT, they shouldn’t be laying off 4000 workers. They should be accepting the lower PROFIT as a gain (which it is), that’s reflective of the tough times, and keep the 4000 employees until they actually don’t make a PROFIT and can’t afford to pay them another check. Then they should use the 3.3 billion to pay and keep the employees. Isn’t that what some of this stimulus money was for?

Shouldn’t the workers pay be budgeted into the earnings they made before they turned a PROFIT anyway? Shouldn’t the workers pay be coming from the 3.3 billion and only if they didn’t turn a PROFIT?

Why then are these companies being allowed to borrow from the stimulus package and still yet turn a PROFIT? Then increase that PROFIT by laying off 4000 more workers?

That boils down to the American public loaning them cash, to make a PROFIT and lay off more workers to make that PROFIT bigger. In other words your tax dollars just went towards laying off 4000 of your hard working fellow Americans and the company that did it just put extra cash in their pocket.

That is nothing but pure old, Wanna have more, Gotta have more, GREED and as long as these companies are allowed to keep borrowing money and increasing PROFITS by laying people off, then it isn’t going to get any better any time soon my friend.

Definition of GREED: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.

I would like to see a freeze on layoffs, to the point of canceling the way they are giving out the stimulus money right now (and they don’t even know how the companies are spending it as of yet). Then putting a bunch of accountants to work , monitoring all companies earnings every quarter and only paying out enough to cover actual shortages if they didn’t turn a PROFIT, so they could continue to operate and keep all their workers. Then cut off the stimulus when they start to turn a PROFIT again, and so on.

Wouldn’t that be real stimulus and wouldn’t that be easy to keep track of also? With no more laid off workers the economy would slowly start to grow again. You would begin to hear that the unemployment rate is starting to decline at a slow and steady pace, then and only then would things begin to turn around for good and not just temporarily. I don’t care how much they give these companies, without a plan for the companies to abide by to use the money, they are going to just keep finding ways at the expense of workers and the economy, to stuff more into their own pockets, yeah, you remember — GREED.

When Henry Ford started out, he realized that he would have to employ many workers and that he must pay his workers a GENEROUS wage, well enough for them to thrive and well enough to enable his own workers to buy his own product, if he wanted to succeed and he did! He actually succeeded through GENEROUS actions, not GREED.

Definition of GENEROUS: : liberal in giving, : marked by abundance or ample proportions.

Please let American Businesses see the light and the wrong of being greedy.

May America Prosper, Through Generous Means!


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