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World’s Meanest Dog: The English Cocker Spaniel?

An article in the Discovery news stated the above fact and gave test results that showed it and at the end of the article they also broke into animal training and how any dog could be bad without proper training, also admitting that over half their study group had poor training.

Listen up, whoever wrote that article is correct about the training and that goes for any breed. But the study was bull.

When any dog grows up in a family that treats them like one of the kids, punishing when bad and rewarding when good, you end up with good results. Although not every kid or dog will turn out perfect and that’s part of life. Some may have a little temperament, most just need a stern master and a stable household. No way, the worlds meanest dog by far, or the baddest kid either, with a little guiding love.

The English and all other Cockers are some of the most sweetest and faithful dogs there ever was. You just have to raise them from pup and let them know you are the big dog and your family will have a companion to the end. They are one of the easiest dogs to train.

Besides who can resist those sad eyes!

Read more about the  ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL.


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