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The Rising Trend of Military Suicide.

Check out the stats at  http://www.suicide.org/suicide-statistics.html.  Suicide is on the increase for all ages and groups with the military leading the stats.

Suicide is something as complex as each and every individual who attempts it. There will always be some people who make this choice in society and it will never end completely, because we are human. That’s the key and the suicide prevention lines and groups are hitting close to the answer. Unfortunately you can lead a thirsty horse to water but you can’t make it drink, is true. All of the options to bypass the tragedy, by having others intervene at the critical moment are a good start and some will opt to take it, but many do not.

Now lets just say you start training the horse to go to the water and get a drink before it is full grown. So when the horse grows up and you lead him to the water when he is thirsty, he will be more likely to drink. Parents and educators have less time than ever before to prepare our kids for the real world. So why not give them some education about real life, while they are in high school. Teach them about all the things they will experience in their lifetimes and give them the information they will need to get through the critical times in life and make the correct choices. Show them all of the options there are, for help with issues that will plague them.

Teach these young adults all of the difficult things that they may experience in their lives, and teach them all of their options for getting through them. Lay out their choices and let them know that you can get through even the toughest of things if you know what your options are. Show them all of their avenues they have to get help with each and every option, because there are many for each problem. Give examples of how others got through each and every problem and where they turned for help.

They teach classes such as sex ed and psychology in high school but they never prepare you to move on past the safe haven of those high school walls into the real world. College is the next stop and it is all about learning your career so you can get out and live life only to run into those obsticles. The training to help people make the correct choices and get help with the problems they will face in life is missing in todays educational system. Untill it is taught and reinforced by all educators and parents across America, the rate will continue to fluctuate as it does now.


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