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The Correct or Incorrect Job, Public Weatherperson

In the age of supercomputers and the internet, good old mother nature still throws curve balls, constantly.

With the help of computers, weather has become much more easy to track and follow, short term, but it seems as though it hasn’t become any easier to predict much past a day or two.

We watch the five day or weekly forecasts and make our plans to do outdoor things on the days that will be nice. One says rain, the other says sun. Now as the chosen days approach, the forecast starts to go south. When the selected period is almost upon us, guess what, you wont be doing anything outside now, because the forecast  has changed completely from days ago. Good or bad, it works both ways, because rainy days will turn to nice ones also. So they have not successfully predicted the weather for the period, but what they did succeed at, is tracking the weather and correcting the forecast, to fit the day and time for our area.

Name any other real 9 to 5 job, where you don’t always have to be correct in what you are doing. Sure, everyone makes mistakes in what they do, but hopefully not as frequently as mother nature changes her outcome for the weatherpeople. If any other person working a 9 to 5 job was wrong in what they did up to 50% or more of the time, they wouldn’t be working very long at all.

We all know weather can and will change, so we naturally don’t pin it on the weatherperson very hard at all. It really isn’t a bad career choice, if you are employed in forecasting for the public and not for NASA or businesses where weather is not only critical but also noted as having been foretasted correctly or not.

You can be a weather forecaster for TV, radio, news papers, internet news, etc., and make a very good career of it without having to be correct all the time, or worry about being fired just for making a simple mistake. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to do the job that they expect, getting it done on time and with all of the skill and knowledge of a professional, of which you will have studied many years to become.

So it’s not all peaches and creame, but if you do the job well and give it your best shot, then you probably won’t get fired if it rains on your bosses golf outing.


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