Tiger Stadium, Finish it off then Remember.

Just finish tearing it down already and then plan a memorial on that corner. Make the memorial triangular shaped and about three or four feet wide across each front side facing the streets. Only about as high as a seat back, that’s, it. Pour it out of concrete and clear coat it to preserve and protect the cement. On the front side facing Michigan Ave., put an actual carving or picture of the stadium and on the Trumbull side, a list of their pennant years and world series wins.  That’s what would face the street sides.

Now on the back  side, simply mold the concrete to resemble four stadium seats, or even one 4 place bleacher seat that would face towards where the stadium was, so people could sit for a minute and remember all the good times they had there, after looking at the front.

No taller than a seat back from the stands and triangular. Plain and simple. Just something people could stand next to and get a picture of them with the Stadium and list of wins on the front faces and then get a picture of them in the seats on the back side.

Remember to put a few drain holes in the cement seat bottoms. Now if you really want to make it an attention getter mount a casting of a Tiger on top, standing on two back feet jumping forward towards the street corner.

Easy cheep, complete, shows the stadium and tells the history. Plus seats on the back to sit and remember, and a big tiger for the kids, Finished.

If I had the money for the couple cubic yards of cement which is all it would take plus a little handiwork I would do it myself.

Do it Detroit and you will look good to everyone who loved Tiger Stadium.


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