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Dupuis Dentestry, Not to Friendly to the Uninsured, or Very Professional, Either!

For a friendly and professional dentist,  DON’T GO TO DUPUIS DENTISTRY IN TAYLOR, MI.

Just call them and ask them about getting a tooth pulled, without insurance coverage and they will not quote you a price at all, not even give you a general idea, which is all anyone could expect anyway.

I know for fact, because myself and others I have worked with, have gotten general quotes from them, many times before. With Insurance Coverage.

The person who answers will even go as far as to debate the fact that she can’t give a general idea by using other businesses that don’t quote as an example. Debating with a customer is not very professional or courteous. They leave you hanging up the phone not only feeling like you don’t know anything, but wishing you hadn’t called them in the first place.

Now upon calling many other dentists in the area and explaining the lack of insurance, all of the others were not only very polite and understanding, but were more than willing to give a general quote. Why’s that? What does that tell you about Dupuis Dentestry?

Why in this day and time would they be rude to anyone without insurance. There are more and more people loosing their insurance and jobs every day. So why would Dupuis Dentistry be unfriendly to that portion of a growing population?

If they don’t want to take cash or checks or help anyone without insurance than so be it, but they need to be a little more honest with people who are uninsured and tell them they wont service you without insurance. Don’t argue with those people in order to get them to go elsewhere.

Not very professional or friendly in my book.  So they can keep their arguments next time, because by calling around, I not only found a dentist who’s staff will give you a general idea, but they are much more professional and courteous  also.


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