The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that we are sleep deprived because we are watching TV when we should be going to sleep. Really, no poop. I wonder how long it took these bright ones to figure that one out.

Maybe it’s because the stations put the nightly news on, after the time when most of us should be asleep, unless you want to go to bed at six o’clock in the evening. Yea that is it. It’s not Conan or Leno or Letterman or Fallen that is regularly keeping America awake, because they are on to late for someone who has an alarm clock to get up to. So it has to be the news.

Now, all the sleep researchers need to do is to teach everyone how to record the news and then they can go to bed and not be sleep deprived any longer.

Give me a frinkin break already. These types of groups that come up with that kind of suposed real useful information, after studying thousands of people for several years can be cut from the government budget, or any other research budget that they are sucking dollars from and not quick enough. To read a study in this day and age as to why people are not getting enough sleep is totally rediculous.

What they should have studied for the good of mankind, is it’s affects on people or how we could as a society work on changing things.

This is just another case of a group of individuals who think they are the first to discover something and didn’t read through the news archives to find the other 10 bejillion sleep stories that have already been done.

I sure hope they did not lay awake at night while they were trying to figure out the reasons we are all sleepy, like most American’s  do with our own stressful problems, because if they did they will have to change the results of their study and that would probably cost double or more.


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