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Letterman vs. Palin, Palin vs. Letterman.

When a comic crosses the line of American values to the point of making jokes about anyone’s children, they do a boo boo. The people in reference are usually upset and the comic usually tries to change how the material was meant. This causes the issue to carry on until something else takes over the news, causing it to finally die to a sore spot that lives on for eternity, leaving the comic with only two options.

Option one is start a road to repair if the comic realizes they were over the line. All they have to do is give a heart felt apology to the people and everyone the material referenced, even the ones that it might have been misconstrued to mean. Send them some roses and a nice gift and then go about your business. Case Closed and Very Easily.

Now if the case doesn’t close and things seem to be getting out of hand, it’s because they took option number two. There was no apology, no roses and no gift. The comic is then drawing a line and believes in at least some part of what was said, or the right to say it. Therefor, even if it crosses the majority line of morality or values, they feel they are justified to some point.  So they continue on from there, sticking to the second option of doing nothing, whether they say more about the situation or not. With a future apology or not.

The bout between these two is obviously not in the repair stage, leaving one to guess if or who will become the focus of the comics next slip up and over what material it will be.

One things for certain at that point. If the comic never apologizes and it happens again to someone and for some odd reason it usually does, you shouldn’t expect an apology either, unless they are pressed by someone above them in your case. So just make a rebuttal and move on, letting them explain their self forever more.

By the way, Did you hear the one about the Talk Show Host and the Politician?    How about this one,  A talk Show Host and a Politician go into a bar, see—-


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