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Letterman Offers Palin an Apology? Right Littleman.

Have you ever had anyone apologize to you and they meant it? When they were done did you feel that they were sorry? Did the apology make you feel maybe just a little bit better. Sure you have and you really felt better too, because that is a real apology and that’s what a real apology is supposed to do. It is supposed to be the big giant eraser that is taken to the whiteboard in your mind, heart and soul and the person proceeds through the act of apologizing with kind and meaningful words, to wipe away some of the pain or hurt or embarrassment they caused you by doing or saying what they did.

There is a second type that we all have been the victim of also. The phony apology. The apology that is given because someone feels like they have to. The one that still leaves them feeling justified with their original act in their own mind, after the apology is given. Someone more or less is telling this person that they were wrong to have done that to you and that they have to apologize to you. When someone apologizes to you in this fashion you know it and so does everyone else that agrees you are deserved of an apology, who may hear it.

The difference is, one is truly sincere and one is not. In the real one, you know they are sorry or at least you walk away thinking they are an awfully good actor, because the real apology still could have been a lie. Only time will tell. But in the fake one, it comes across more like they are apologizing to themselves for having slipped up and done it, and not to you for hurting you with what they did.

It’s really easy to tell the difference if you listen closely and with your feelings.  Oh yes, both kinds of apologies will each contain the words I am sorry or I apologize which may even be directed to you by name. Listen to what they are actually apologizing for and if what they say is not completely directed towards healing the wounds or doesn’t start to make you feel any better at all and they are trying to justify and correct what was said or simply trying to say things were just misinterpreted, than you my friend are not getting an apology. You are just getting some more lip service by someone who thinks you are the poor mistaken one, when they should have kept their mouth shut in the first place and they know it.

The apology to Palin was fake. It was an apology for the joke being misinterpreted, and with a monologue full of more jokes about the situation. The song played at the commercial break right after the apology was another direct slam like the original joke. The song was “FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE”.

Wouldn’t it be funny to see him get an apology like he gives out! Now that would be real comedy!


Now watch a real apology coming from the heart of a real man, and it happened to be on the Letterman show.

I’d like to see someone grill Letterman about his apology and feelings like he does in this clip.

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