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School Superintendent Suzanne Lukas, Wake Up!

Most school administrators run a tight ship. Which also means switching off your emotions frequently to act as a judge, then switching them back on to continue with their daily duties and their own lives. This is just what is expected of you to preform your duties fairly.

Judges have to learn to set aside their emotions in order to be fair and without partiality. They have to be the type of people who can learn to switch their emotions on and off at will, through out their day, unless they want to walk around all day and in their personal life judging everything.

This switching quality is also one quality that a school superintendent needs to have, as well as a judge. They are the rule creators and the ones that uphold those rules the same as a judge.

Now a graduation ceremony is something that most everyone will remember that happens in their lives. Some will remember it much more than others due to the amount of effort and dedication they had to put in just to maintain passing grades.

People come in all shapes, sizes and mentalities. Families contain many various and unique individuals, and graduation is very important emotionally to most of them. Thank goodness there are still family units left in America and we are free to express our emotions as long as they are not disrupting to society. It is to be expected that at a moment of extreme joy like graduation, a graduate wants to include others from their family who mean the most to them.

If everyone were to walk up and down the stage, all moving in exactly the same manner, dressed the same and acting the same, then we are become a society of people without emotion. A society that doesn’t need rules like not blowing kisses during school time.

So in a society of real people, not robots, you have rules and they need to be enforced. But to carry a rule so far as to try to stop the flood of emotions coming out of graduates, to the point where a happy emotional student that busted their ass to graduate or just flew through, can’t include their family in their special moment by blowing them a kiss while walking off stage at the biggest moment in their lives, is absurd.

The judge in this case simply doesn’t know how to turn off the switch and feel the emotions that normal people feel and at the times they are expected to be felt. So they punish someone for having a human reaction, that broke a school rule, at the most emotional time they have ever experienced in their life, when a rule like that is out of place considering the activity that is taking place.

That is not only absurd but sad also. Any judge or administrator who can’t turn on or off that switch concerning their human feelings, should not be in the position they are in. They are not fit for their position if they are unable to do that, because they can’t judge properly without that switch. They are bound to make mistakes as happened here.

Their inability to discern when certain rules should be applied and to what functions they should be applied to, makes many people targets for discipline, who don’t deserve it.

How the superintendent acted towards a student that just graduated and simply blew a kiss to their closest family members as they walked off stage, is appalling and they should have a few rules to answer to, themselves, now that they made such a bad judgment during such an important time in someones life, forever clouding the memories of both the graduate and their family.

By the way Suzie, when your kid graduates, I will be in the second deck, first row, first seat, so tell them to give me a wave with their diploma in hand and I hope they have as compassionate of a school superintendent as you.


  1. Anthony Davies
    June 18, 2009 at 12:11 PM

    I can not believe the gaul of this woman. What a piece of human garbage! Ms. Lukas should be fired, and publicly humiliated as was Justin. Ms. Lukas should be barred from serving the public in any fashion. This is a scar will be one Justin carries forever. Staff members that bully the students is unacceptable. The school should be sued for allowing this to occur.

  2. Malachi
    June 18, 2009 at 9:25 AM

    I totally agree with this. Superintendents need to be leaders, I don’t show no leadership qualities with her action only immaturity.

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