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N.W. Washington Local Government, Worrying To Death A 99 Year Old Resident.

Sad to see government treat anyone like this.

Call it what you want, but it seems like a lot of people who run our city governments, are not fit to be making decisions when they make them like this and start to endanger their own residents health because of them.

This 99 year old lady is having to attend a city hearing to clear up her disputed water bill, of almost $1,200 dollars. Doesn’t the city government have the intelligence to see that the woman didn’t use that much water. It was even verified by two different plumbers and at her own expense. If they would take the time to investigate, they would probably find a bad meter. They should all be fired for not doing their job and checking it out.

So why then would the city be treating one of their oldest and most faithful residents, in a manner that is causing the poor woman more stress daily, than her doctors would advise that she go through in a whole year. It’s because there is not a compassion meter strapped to every candidates butt who runs for office, that’s why.

When people run for office, you can only see their track records and the election face they wear to try to be elected. You can’t tell whether or not they are the type of person, who would purposely run over a puppy that is wandering in the middle of the road. So you get what you vote for and sometimes you end up wishing that you voted the other way.

There are options of checks and balances in the system and in cases like this, it is only obvious that they should be used to remove officials like that, from an office that they were elected to serve the people of their communities from.

The lack of even an ounce of common sense in this case is totally absurd and hoping they experience the same thing with one of their beloved relatives in the future would be too easy of a punishment for them. Besides No one should have to experience something like this in their golden years, because their elected officials lack the human compassion, common sense and the people skills to do the job.

I pray the old woman doesn’t end up like Marabel from Detroit, who gave a cry for help and not one government official, cared enough for one of their senior citizens to step in and help them. If she dies due to stress related factors then the acting officials should all go to trial for involuntary manslaughter and that’s that!

Click the link to read Marabel’s story.


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