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Kids, Pets, Elderly, Cars, and Summer.

It’s 104 in Phoenix, 99 in Lawton, 102 in Chicago, 98 in Detroit, 100 in Miami, 97 in Washington D.C. and 96 in Maine. Summer is upon us. So let’s rejoice and remember something very important to all.

Summertime is the all around best time to get out and do things with the family. Summer is a time for going places and doing things. But just doing your daily chores gets you out in the weather also.

In summertime weather we have to be extra careful as adults, that no child, pet or elderly person, be left in any car, at any time. Come on, we all have felt the heat roll out of a parked car when we open the door, after it was only parked for just a minute. That heat can lead to heatstroke and kill a senior, a child or an animal in no time.

Do not leave anyone in an unattended car, period, any time of year. It just isn’t safe. Also thinking that leaving the windows down or the air on, or thinking you will only be a few seconds is wrong. Motors can quit running, and a baby in a car seat with the windows down or the air on, can still overheat in the sun and die.

So plan all of your chores and outings alone and at specific times or bring someone along to help you take care of the kids, pets, and elderly. This way you never will have to leave anyone unattended in a car, period. By doing this, you may be saving the lives of the ones you love and not even know it.

Do it for them and for yourself, because doing the right things and being responsible, will always make you feel good about yourself and make you look good to others. Besides your precious cargo is counting on you!

Most states have tough laws about this issue, that include jail time and they were created to help save lives.

So have a Fun filled, Safe and Happy Summer and do your part.  Now, the Last one In, Is a Rotten Egg!


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