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Shrinking and Changing Products, for Profit. So Shop Smart.

Just a quick word of wisdom. Be more alert when you shop these days.

Manufacturers of many products are starting to cut the size of their products or the quantities in their packages and you are still paying the same price or more, but now getting less than you used to before.

They can make more money by taking one ounce away from a 10 ounce package and selling 9 ounce packages instead. This way they are saving an ounce per package. After filling 9 packages and saving an ounce from each one, they have enough left over to fill another complete 9 ounce package.

Now they can make an extra box for every 9 boxes they produce, and it didn’t cost them any more. The extra box becomes pure profit for them, when it is sold.

But we all still end up paying the same price or more, and even if it is on sale, you don’t get as much as you used to.

Another way manufacturers are cutting cost to make more money, is by removing some of the more expensive ingredients and replacing them with the cheaper ingredients or by cutting the quality of the ingredients in their products.

Lets say you are finding your favorite soup now has less noodles and more liquid, or your stew has less meat and more gravy and the meat is a lot tougher. They are switching the higher priced ingredients for cheaper ones, which increases their profit. They will reduce their quality and change the ingredients, almost to the point of being noticeable.

Start shopping by size, price and comparing different brands and quality, because you might find that some of the deals that your favorite brands usually offer, are not as good as they used to be. You may find that other brands are offering a better deal. This way you will be making sure you are getting more bang for your buck, like before.

So pay attention to the things you buy and if your favorite brands are changing their products enough to matter to you, then write them a letter, send them an email and change brands for a while to see if they get the message.

One way you can cheat them back instead of changing brands completely is this: If your usual brand is giving less or cutting quality and changing their mix, only buy half of your favorite and then buy half of the next best brand. Now when you are cooking, mix together half of each brand and most of the time if they are the same type of product, the family will not notice the difference.

Happy Shopping!


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