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Happy Fourth of July!

Wow, It’s the Fourth 0f July already. This is the holiday that usually signals the middle of the summer vacation season. The proper name is Independence Day. It is the day that America declared their Independence from England and the Queen of England. We were now on our own to live as we like.

We celebrate the fourth with pick nicks, family gatherings and fireworks. With the economy the way it is, the firework celebrations may be a little smaller or canceled in a few spots all together, due to budget restraints. If that is the case just remember this.

The short display, reflects the hardships that millions of your fellow Americans are experiencing in trying to keep up with the bills that they owe.

Not having a display at all, is reflecting all of the people who have lost their homes. They do not have a home to go to at the end of their day any more.

So if you feel slighted by these two fireworks shortcomings, just remember as you are driving home that you not only could afford the gas to drive there, but you also have a home to return to when you get back.

It’s time for people to start putting themselves in other peoples shoes, just for a minute. This way we can look at the overall situation many fellow Americans are in and realize that missing some fireworks just doesn’t amount up to anything the unfortunate are going through.

Loosing a few fireworks for a holiday, doesn’t compare to what some people have lost in their own lives.

Loose your job or house or have trouble paying your bills and I bet you wouldn’t complain about anything missing this fourth of July either.

I hope that sometime in the near future, all the military will be home and the unemployment and foreclosure rates will be near zero, so we can all celebrate that Independence Day, together.


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