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Mortgage Companies, still Greedy with Their Customers.

Even though the economy is as bad as it is, there is still a majority of lenders that are unwilling to work with their borrowers.

For many people out there, some of the help that they would need is as simple as moving one missed payment to the end of the loan period. Still yet with all the bailout help and pressure from the government, many mortgage lenders still are not willing to help in any manner, except offering to remortgage at a lower rate.

That doesn’t help anyone who missed a few pay checks or is temporarily between jobs. To that group who are just a payment or two behind and caught between jobs, they have the attitude of so what. We can’t do a thing for you and they are hoping they will foreclose. That will give them a chance to make more money off the same home by selling the home again.

They would rather gamble on making more from the combined sales of the home, than give just a little help to those of their long time faithful customers who are struggling.

It is very sad that American Mortgage companies are willing to dump many long term customers, in hopes of making a profit. This amounts to nothing more than greed. They are not showing any loyalty to their customers or that they care. They are not practicing good American business relations with their customers at all.

To the companies who are not showing an ounce of flexibility or kindness, to the people who are loosing everything; You have forgotten that in the future, those customers will probably be getting another mortgage, once they are all cleared up with their financial problems that happened because their jobs were cut. These people will once again be in the market for a home mortgage and they will not return to any company with that kind of blatant dis concern for their customers, especially during a financial crisis.

You should actually be doing business in a less compassionate, dictated country instead of America.

So from all of your dedicated customers that lost their homes because of your Scroogeish ways, We will be seeing you around and we still believe in a little word of mouth advertising (good or bad) even though you apparently don’t and are not worried about your future sales either.

Look for the next story;  Why those in foreclosure are taking everything and the kitchen sink when they leave!!!!


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