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Manuals and Instructions, Can Save You Cash!

Manuals and Instructions can be a valuable tool in the defense of things getting old and wearing out. I know, we didn’t use the instructions to put the thing together or set it up, so whats the big deal now?

Well depending on the item, those overlooked pages can be a goldmine of valuable information that not only can help you when you run into a problem, but they can also help you to keep the item going and in tip top shape as well. We all know the cost of big ticket items now days and the longer you can keep these things doing what they are supposed to do, the more our investment gives us in returned savings.

Keep that rider mower going a couple more years by giving it all the necessary repair and maintenance it needs and you have gotten more of your moneys worth out of your purchase and put off having to spend big bucks for a new one right now.

Now if you can afford the new one or want some new options that a new one would offer than by all means treat yourself to it. But in the real world we most of the time have to repair and maintain things to save money to live. That’s where the instructions play a key role in getting the expected life out of the thing you bought.

Most manuals or instructions will have a small section all about the care and use of the item you purchased. They will tell you about all the important things that you need to do to get the longest amount of use from the item as you can. They will at least give you the details of what you have to do to get through the warranty period, in order for them to honor that warranty if something should go wrong early.

This information will not only help keep the thing working but will help to eliminate many common problems that you could run into by not doing the necessary maintenance. Most of the stuff is easy and can be done by someone who is not afraid to follow instructions and knows how to use a few common hand tools.

But if that isn’t your cup of tea, then find a reputable repair shop in your area and set up a yearly maintenance price with them, before you let them have the item, and show them that you want them to do what’s listed in your manual. (Don’t let them keep the manual!) Now set it up to be a regular yearly or every other year thing and even though you will be paying someone to do the upkeep, you should get the full life expectancy from your item. Which saves you money because you are now getting more use for the money you paid.

I had an old push mower that I bought new for $129.00. I used that mower for almost 14 years by doing regular maintenance on it, before getting a new one with all the goodies. That old mower cost me a about $9.00 a year to mow the lawn each season (plus gas). A lawn crew wanted $40.00 a week to mow the same lawn. You can add that up yourself, for 20 cuttings a year for the 14 years and see the difference.  ($800.00 a year, $11,200.00 for 14 years).

A friend only got seven years of use from his $400.00 mower because he never took care of the thing. So divide his years of use (7) into the price he paid and see what it cost him per year ($57.00 a year).  That was compared to my $9.00 per year and my lawn looked the same as his.

Point is, by doing the maintenance you should, you can keep your costs of doing things to a very reasonable amount. The money you save with every use, had you put it into the bank, would add up to a lot.  Probably enough to buy a replacement when the old one wears out.

It also makes it very easy to figure out your budget for all those weird items because you can closely figure out your operating costs per month. Now try that for the last car you purchased and see how much a year it cost you to drive it.


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