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9v batteries for $3.50 a piece!

Dear Business Professionals,

Since when did the cost of batteries get to be equal to the cost of the cheep toys that use them? Wow, three and a half bucks for a 9 volt battery, that’s unbelievable! You can get a cheep radio for $2.00.

What is minimum wage now, about seven or eight bucks. Imagine having to work for over half an hour to be able to buy a 9 volt radio battery.

What is wrong with this picture? Why should a 9 volt battery cost that much. That’s absurd!

Wages in this country are out of sync with prices of the common goods we use daily. Sure I can fully understand paying exuberant prices for luxury items, that’s to be expected. But a luxury battery?

Come on people, the middle and lower classes are being raked over the coals when ever they open their wallets to purchase daily goods and services in this country and it’s killing America.

There are so many people involved in manufacturing processes now days compared to years ago. Today you see rooms and rooms full of high paid executives gathering around their cappuccino machines in their executive meeting rooms, where as before, you saw a couple of bright guys around a drafting table and they were able to get more done in a week than most of those executive meetings accomplish in a month.

The ratio of managers per employees has increased drastically over the years and now for every product sold, or every service provided, the company that created  it, has to pay a lot of high paid people, including the workers who made it.

Now to top it all off, the guy who owns the company wants to make the same amount of profit with a hundred executives and engineers as the company that has only one of each. So the workers are the ones who sacrifice the proper pay increases that should equal cost of living increases. Thus the middle and lower class workers slide backward at a rate that eventually brings down the economy. That’s when America coughs and we experience recessions.

People, the way we do business in this country has to change and wages, prices, and people involved in business have to come to a little more even playing field or nothing will ever progress in this nation again!

Employers, start paying your people a living wage again like Ford did years ago. Share a little more of those profits with your workforce and you will realize that you will have a much more dedicated work force and you make more profits over the long haul by doing so.

You have forgotten that it only took a few good people in the beginning who were paid fairly, to start making a profit for you. So go out and find the right individuals to take your company to the next plateau, and ditch the dead weight. Pay everyone a good fair livable wage, right down to the janitor and now watch your profits soar.

It doesn’t take a business degree, an engineer, or a manager to solve 95 % of a companies problems, so why employ more than 5% in those categories when it’s not necessary. Don’t tell me you never talked to a regular employee that had some good answers or I’ll say you are not being truthful.

Some of the wealthiest people in this country never had a degree in business until they got involved in it. They just had the smarts, the guts and the intestinal fortitude to go out and get the job done, and that’s it.

Thank You for your time concerning this matter.


Laugh a little, It makes the blood flow better!


Punish The Guilty, Not The Innocent!

A sleeping child was forgotten in a cab and the cab company blamed the driver for not checking his cab before leaving.

Cab drivers are not responsible for anything being left by their passengers. They do a quick check for luggage and that’s it. Especially in an 8 passenger mini-van with tinted windows, bench seats and a rear compartment for the luggage.

Let us stop and think for a moment as to who should be responsible. Someone should have been responsible to look after the girl because she is a minor. The cab driver didn’t just stop his cab to pick up a little girl, he picked up adults who where responsible for the girl. Her parents.

They were responsible for their belongings and their belongings included a girl who fell asleep on the ride home. Wait a minute, maybe she is at fault for falling asleep, but then again this is something we expect to happen to a young or tired child riding in a vehicle, so that rules her out.

So, now we expect the driver to get all of the people and belongings to the destination in excellent condition, which he did! The people got out as the cab driver unloaded the luggage area behind the seats and didn’t forget a single piece.

I don’t know but it’s starting to sound to me like the parents are starting to be the ones to blame, more than the cab driver. The girl did her job, by falling asleep as we expected. The cab driver did his job, by getting the people there safe and unloading all the luggage and checking the compartment for anything left there.

The parents did their job of paying the driver and being responsible for getting their group in and out of the van—–Wait a minute. Did we find a fault? Was it the parents responsibility to get everyone in and out including their sleeping child they are responsible for? I would believe so.

This can’t be compared with a school bus, where the driver is fully responsible for the kids because their parents are not with them on the bus. Had this been a school bus driver then they would be guilty. But a cab driver, well you call it.

Now this is where a lot of people start to rant about the lack of responsibility on the parents part. Sure there was a big failure on the parents part, and I agree that it should raise a red flag about the child’s daily care by her parents.

What I don’t want to see happen is a loving family broken up over one major mistake, if that is all they find. That would hurt the whole family emotionally. If they are good people who made an actual mistake during a time of hectic emotional wind down, thinking of all they had to do when returning home from a trip, then just let them off with a stern warning.

Isn’t that what you would want to happen if you ever made a real mistake similar to that? It’s only obvious they are average parents just like everyone else who has made an actual mistake concerning a child.

Apparently it happens more than we would like it to as a society, but it proves one thing. After all, we are all still human, no one is perfect, except—The little boy who fought of the robbers, in the movie series,  Home Alone.

Check out the story link below.


Unemployment Agency Tidbit.

The unemployment agency is a stickler for times and dates. So don’t try to push things or do anything in advance of a set period, date, or time!

If you have a claim and it expires on a set date and you must file a new one, or they tell you to call at a certain time or something like that, then you better take heed. Because they only know how to function from day to day.

They will not do business with you until the day and time that they want you to. Period.

If your claim is expiring on a set day and you are planning to file for an extension, then you better not try to file until the day after your claim has expired, because your info will only be passed over and rejected if you try to file in advance. You will have to file again.

You could file with one minute left on the day it expires and you will be rejected, only to have to refile.

And about calling the automated lines, – When they tell you that you better not hang up before they say good-bye or give you a number or something like that, then you better not hang up until they do what they said they would. They will just void the transaction as if it never took place and then it will be your responsibility to find out how to straighten up the mess.

In a nutshell, they are very punctual and expect you to be also, or they will not serve you and that’s that. Goodbye!


Saving on Insurance.

Shop around is all I can say. The times are tough and insurance companies are feeling the pinch.

Many are offering lower rates if you call and ask them for help and one is even giving the customer the right to choose your own rate.

So give your insurance company a call and ask them if they can do better for you and tell them that you intend to shop around if they can’t do better.

Just watch out for one thing. Many will lower your coverage to give you the better rate, so make sure that all the numbers are the same except for how much you will pay, or you may end up under insured.

If you just need to spread out your payments, many will bill you monthly now. instead of quarterly or twice a year!

Let us know what you saved!


Give What You Already Have!

I once heard of a man that gave his daughter a two week stay at his time share for her wedding present. What a neat idea!

Give something you already have. That can save you some big cash and be a nice present for someone else.  Lets explore more. (you can include re-gifting if you want)

Say you have a membership to somewhere that allows guests, just take someone with you for their gift.

If someone gave you a gift card then treat someone out or buy them something with it.

If you own something such as a cottage, camper, boat or something else they don’t have, then you can give it to the person for a set period of time for them to use. It not only saves them all the cost and hassle of renting one but it doesn’t cost you any more because you already own it. Win – Win.

Just be aware of one thing, you must have full trust in the person that they will take care of what you loan to them, or you better not do it. They could end up destroying what you loaned them, then you are out big time!

Other than that, This is a neat way to give someone you trust a great gift that they will probably not forget for a while.


Forgotten and Lost Money.

Don’t forget that buried in your state government site is a section that you can search to see if any money is being held because they can not locate you. Old Bank Accounts, Undeliverable Taxes and More. Its yours so check it out.

Just go to your State Government Treasury site and look around, You may be Rich!

In the mean time click for the main .org site for lost money and other items.

Also you can check Missing I don’t know if they charge a fee for you to collect, but if they do, go to your state treasury site, or find the US treasury site.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask!

Seniors, you must realize one thing – There are many people out there who will take advantage of you because of your age! Sure you already know this, but that is why you should be getting at least three estimates before you pay anyone to do anything for you.

The TV shops are getting rich from seniors and the electronically challenged by charging high fees to come to you house and hook up your digital converter boxes. So shop around first.

This leads me back to the intro line of  Don’t be afraid to ask. If you call around to the trade schools, colleges or local businesses that deal in what you are looking to have done, you will more than likely find someone that will be willing to help you out, outside of school or work.

Call businesses and tell them you are in need of help and short of cash, because many will help you out anyway for a reduced fee, or for free depending on what you need done.

Be Very Careful Though, because you never want to invite anyone to your home unless you can have someone else there with you when they show up. Ask a friend or relative to come over a little before the appointment time and if they end up not coming over before the appointment time, then call the person back and cancel the appointment! You can set up a new appointment again, when someone you know will be there with you.

And remember, never pay in full in advance! Always set up the deal where you will pay only a portion up front and when the work is done to your satisfaction,  then you give them a check for the balance.

But don’t be afraid to ask for help from schools, businesses, government agencies, or from friends or relatives, because there are many kind people out there who still respect seniors and will help them out all they can. But like I mentioned above, beware of those looking to take advantage of you because you are a senior.

If you ever feel that you have been taken advantage of,  just look in government section in the front of your local phone book and call your State Attorney Generals Office. They will help you file a complaint or let you know who to file one with. It’s not that hard at all. Just let them know your problem and they will help you out.

Remember we are here to help on-line also! And if we can’t help, we will post your problem so maybe someone else can! So have someone you know contact us and we will try to Help Them, Help You! We support Seniors!