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Pools. Summertime Safety Tip.

Hey, I’d be the first one to tell you that a nice relaxing dip in the pool after a rough day is nothing less than fantastic! That nice cool feeling of being surrounded by all that refreshing water is a feeling that the perfume manufacturers need to bottle up and sell.

That’s a million dollar idea. Now lets just remember one thing about that luxurious watering hole, it will attract kids like a magnet. Yes, even the sound of someone splashing about in a pool is enough to get curious kids interested enough to find the source.

Kids are drawn to it. So when some stray kid comes wandering around or maybe even your grandchild who just snuck out, while you were picking up the phone, goes wandering to the pool, you better make darn sure that there is no way they can get into it without an adults help.

Most states will prosecute if an accident happens. So let’s keep the summer fun and safe for all, by keeping our pools out of reach of the children.

For some good advice on this subject, just call your local pool supply store and discuss with them what needs to be done, to make your pool safe for everyone.


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