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Give What You Already Have!

I once heard of a man that gave his daughter a two week stay at his time share for her wedding present. What a neat idea!

Give something you already have. That can save you some big cash and be a nice present for someone else.  Lets explore more. (you can include re-gifting if you want)

Say you have a membership to somewhere that allows guests, just take someone with you for their gift.

If someone gave you a gift card then treat someone out or buy them something with it.

If you own something such as a cottage, camper, boat or something else they don’t have, then you can give it to the person for a set period of time for them to use. It not only saves them all the cost and hassle of renting one but it doesn’t cost you any more because you already own it. Win – Win.

Just be aware of one thing, you must have full trust in the person that they will take care of what you loan to them, or you better not do it. They could end up destroying what you loaned them, then you are out big time!

Other than that, This is a neat way to give someone you trust a great gift that they will probably not forget for a while.


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