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Punish The Guilty, Not The Innocent!

A sleeping child was forgotten in a cab and the cab company blamed the driver for not checking his cab before leaving.

Cab drivers are not responsible for anything being left by their passengers. They do a quick check for luggage and that’s it. Especially in an 8 passenger mini-van with tinted windows, bench seats and a rear compartment for the luggage.

Let us stop and think for a moment as to who should be responsible. Someone should have been responsible to look after the girl because she is a minor. The cab driver didn’t just stop his cab to pick up a little girl, he picked up adults who where responsible for the girl. Her parents.

They were responsible for their belongings and their belongings included a girl who fell asleep on the ride home. Wait a minute, maybe she is at fault for falling asleep, but then again this is something we expect to happen to a young or tired child riding in a vehicle, so that rules her out.

So, now we expect the driver to get all of the people and belongings to the destination in excellent condition, which he did! The people got out as the cab driver unloaded the luggage area behind the seats and didn’t forget a single piece.

I don’t know but it’s starting to sound to me like the parents are starting to be the ones to blame, more than the cab driver. The girl did her job, by falling asleep as we expected. The cab driver did his job, by getting the people there safe and unloading all the luggage and checking the compartment for anything left there.

The parents did their job of paying the driver and being responsible for getting their group in and out of the van—–Wait a minute. Did we find a fault? Was it the parents responsibility to get everyone in and out including their sleeping child they are responsible for? I would believe so.

This can’t be compared with a school bus, where the driver is fully responsible for the kids because their parents are not with them on the bus. Had this been a school bus driver then they would be guilty. But a cab driver, well you call it.

Now this is where a lot of people start to rant about the lack of responsibility on the parents part. Sure there was a big failure on the parents part, and I agree that it should raise a red flag about the child’s daily care by her parents.

What I don’t want to see happen is a loving family broken up over one major mistake, if that is all they find. That would hurt the whole family emotionally. If they are good people who made an actual mistake during a time of hectic emotional wind down, thinking of all they had to do when returning home from a trip, then just let them off with a stern warning.

Isn’t that what you would want to happen if you ever made a real mistake similar to that? It’s only obvious they are average parents just like everyone else who has made an actual mistake concerning a child.

Apparently it happens more than we would like it to as a society, but it proves one thing. After all, we are all still human, no one is perfect, except—The little boy who fought of the robbers, in the movie series,  Home Alone.

Check out the story link below.



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