Unemployment Agency Tidbit.

The unemployment agency is a stickler for times and dates. So don’t try to push things or do anything in advance of a set period, date, or time!

If you have a claim and it expires on a set date and you must file a new one, or they tell you to call at a certain time or something like that, then you better take heed. Because they only know how to function from day to day.

They will not do business with you until the day and time that they want you to. Period.

If your claim is expiring on a set day and you are planning to file for an extension, then you better not try to file until the day after your claim has expired, because your info will only be passed over and rejected if you try to file in advance. You will have to file again.

You could file with one minute left on the day it expires and you will be rejected, only to have to refile.

And about calling the automated lines, – When they tell you that you better not hang up before they say good-bye or give you a number or something like that, then you better not hang up until they do what they said they would. They will just void the transaction as if it never took place and then it will be your responsibility to find out how to straighten up the mess.

In a nutshell, they are very punctual and expect you to be also, or they will not serve you and that’s that. Goodbye!


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