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9v batteries for $3.50 a piece!

Dear Business Professionals,

Since when did the cost of batteries get to be equal to the cost of the cheep toys that use them? Wow, three and a half bucks for a 9 volt battery, that’s unbelievable! You can get a cheep radio for $2.00.

What is minimum wage now, about seven or eight bucks. Imagine having to work for over half an hour to be able to buy a 9 volt radio battery.

What is wrong with this picture? Why should a 9 volt battery cost that much. That’s absurd!

Wages in this country are out of sync with prices of the common goods we use daily. Sure I can fully understand paying exuberant prices for luxury items, that’s to be expected. But a luxury battery?

Come on people, the middle and lower classes are being raked over the coals when ever they open their wallets to purchase daily goods and services in this country and it’s killing America.

There are so many people involved in manufacturing processes now days compared to years ago. Today you see rooms and rooms full of high paid executives gathering around their cappuccino machines in their executive meeting rooms, where as before, you saw a couple of bright guys around a drafting table and they were able to get more done in a week than most of those executive meetings accomplish in a month.

The ratio of managers per employees has increased drastically over the years and now for every product sold, or every service provided, the company that created  it, has to pay a lot of high paid people, including the workers who made it.

Now to top it all off, the guy who owns the company wants to make the same amount of profit with a hundred executives and engineers as the company that has only one of each. So the workers are the ones who sacrifice the proper pay increases that should equal cost of living increases. Thus the middle and lower class workers slide backward at a rate that eventually brings down the economy. That’s when America coughs and we experience recessions.

People, the way we do business in this country has to change and wages, prices, and people involved in business have to come to a little more even playing field or nothing will ever progress in this nation again!

Employers, start paying your people a living wage again like Ford did years ago. Share a little more of those profits with your workforce and you will realize that you will have a much more dedicated work force and you make more profits over the long haul by doing so.

You have forgotten that it only took a few good people in the beginning who were paid fairly, to start making a profit for you. So go out and find the right individuals to take your company to the next plateau, and ditch the dead weight. Pay everyone a good fair livable wage, right down to the janitor and now watch your profits soar.

It doesn’t take a business degree, an engineer, or a manager to solve 95 % of a companies problems, so why employ more than 5% in those categories when it’s not necessary. Don’t tell me you never talked to a regular employee that had some good answers or I’ll say you are not being truthful.

Some of the wealthiest people in this country never had a degree in business until they got involved in it. They just had the smarts, the guts and the intestinal fortitude to go out and get the job done, and that’s it.

Thank You for your time concerning this matter.


Laugh a little, It makes the blood flow better!

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