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Fishing, Family Fun and Money Saving Also!

Fish R Man said…

Wow have you priced fish lately? Either it looks like it’s been in there a while and really smells strong, or the price is way up there.

Now I know this isn’t for everybody, but fishing can not only be a nice family get together, or a bonding moment between a parent and child, but for a great meal, you can look up the stats on fish taken from your local waters in the guide you get with your license to see if what you caught is in there and the amount that’s recommended to consume.

Bring them home and clean them or stop at a bait store and see if they will do it . Some will for a small fee. When you get home either cook them up for a tasty meal or freeze them to cook later.

This is a great resource, use it. Nothing says a Sport’s Fisherman can’t bring home a good meal every now and then. Visit the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council on-line, for a great fishing site with a ton of good information for all surrounding states.

Good Luck and Save a Buck! Now please pass me some of that perch, would you!


Pawn Shops Give You Quick Cash.

I wouldn’t pawn anything that I want to keep, but if you have some extra junk you can get rid of then check this out.

Try out your local pawn shops for items that you are looking to Pawn or Purchase. They usually have a ton of things and at good prices. You can really get some good deals.

Look up the numbers of a few local ones and call to check for items or stop in often. If you have your mind on something specific, I would even recommend calling a few that are farther away from you. That’s how good the deals can get sometimes! When times are tough they have quite a selection of items.

Also if you need some fast cash, than this is the place you can get it. ******Just remember you have to follow their rules exactly to the letter, if you pawn something and you plan on getting it back later.

So before you pawn something make darn sure you understand all of their policies and you don’t mind if you loose the item.******** Otherwise you might be pawning your item away forever, and someone might just get a good deal on your things!!!

Magic Jack Saves You Money.

August 31, 2009 4 comments

unknown said…
I am getting ready to try the “Magic Jack” and drop my regular phone service which is through the cable company. The Magic Jack plugs into your PC and your phone plugs into the Magic Jack.

The first time you hook it up, you will be provided with a phone number that is permanently attached to the Magic Jack which you can take everywhere with you and use on any laptop or PC with Internet service.

Yearly cost for phone service with Magic Jack is less than $20. The only draw-back is that if your computer is down, so is your phone. BUT, remember that you can take the Magic Jack and your phone with you to a working PC at a friends house or even the local library. The phone call will not cost your friend even a penny.

The Magic Jack does have a few international calling limitations though; so if you frequently need to place international calls you’ll have to double check Magic Jacks calling limitations before getting rid of your home phone.

I am sure that there may be other things that might be objectionable, like having to leave your computer on 24/7 to get phone calls. Overall though it doesn’t sound like to bad a deal, even if you keep your phone service you have now. Click the link for more info on the

Make a Buck by Selling That Junk.

Have a Yard-sale to get a little extra income for the year.

Clean out the garage or attic. Summer is the perfect time to gather up things for a garage sale. Get rid of that stuff that has been hanging around forever.

Have a buddy or another family get into this idea with you and have it together, not only will you make money but you’ll have fun.

** hint**  We did a yard sale a few years ago and nothing seemed to be going, so I took a candy dish/fish bowl and put a couple of goldfish in it and next thing we knew someone came in, bought a TV and the goldfish! It was history from there.

Make sure to check with your city hall about necessary permits and maybe they have a “free yard sale weekend” also.

So pull out that dusty tennis racket or those old kid skates and make a buck.


Save by Cutting out the Unnecessary Things.

Cut out all the really unnecessary items that you do not need to live or eat, like cigarettes and pop for example.

By eliminating those items we can save a lot of money over a years time. To help you do this you can switch to cheaper store brands or something else like kool-aid or lemon-aid with just a little sugar until you break your need for the item.

Smokers can switch to the cheapest brands while trying to quit. You can even switch to pipe tobacco and roll your own which is more of a savings.


bornbakwrd said…

I stopped buying soda (Pepsi) and started brewing iced tea at home. I get about 30 quarts of iced tea for about $4 (including the cost of sugar) as opposed to the $1.25 (or more) that I used to pay per 2 liter bottle of Pepsi. From time to time I will pick up a 2 liter of soda, but not very often, and I’ve saved nearly $60 per month….and that’s just on beverages.

Save a Penny!

You all remember the penny jars that used to sit on the shelves and in the bedrooms in most homes in America don’t you?

I will simply say that it is time for us to go back to that old fashion routine of throwing our spare change in a jar or some kind of a container to try to save a buck.

It’s sort of paying yourself at the end of each day and it can really add up over a period of time.

Place your spare change at the end of the day into a container and do this every day, then count it at the end of the month or year. You might have enough to pay for Christmas presents for the grandkids like my father in law does.

Or here is what one man did. He built a huge nightstand that was about 3 feet square and placed it next to his bed in the corner. The stand consisted of four sides and a top and bottom that were all securely attached. In the middle of the top he cut a slot for coins and he kept his night light on top of the slot on a decorative plate. He said he would throw his spare change in the plate and then put it in the nightstand when he had time. He did this over his thirty years of work. When he retired, he cashed in all the coins and bought his first new vehicle that he could ever afford. He also said that he always had the coins to think about as a security blanket in case something drastic was to happen that he couldn’t afford.

Now you can argue that if he had invested right or banked the money he could have been much much richer. His thought on that was if the money was in the bank he would have spent it. So being scared to bank or invest and being poor at saving money, he did the next best thing by saving the way he did and pretending he didn’t have the money at all.

Anyone got some wood and a saw or an old jar I could borrow?


Drop the Satellite or Cable and Save.

I know we all like to watch TV and we have to keep up with the Jones’s on a lot of things, but dropping these and changing to regular Over the Air Digital TV, will save you bucks.

Drop the cable or satellite bill if your contract allows but be careful of early termination fees, most of these can cost you up to hundreds of dollars to quit the contract if you aren’t near the end. This also applies to your cell phone contracts as well.

Just add up your bills for a year and see what you would have saved. It’s enough for a good set of tires or would have fixed that problem with the car. Another thing is that the next time someone asks to borrow some money, just tell them that you wish you could but you can’t even afford cable and that will shut them up instantly because most everyone has it.

With the new digital TV signals you get pictures as clear as cable and there are some more channels added in because the new TV signals take up less space to transmit. Now we have a 24 hour movie channel, a 24 hour cartoon channel, a 24 hour home and travel channel, a 24 hour retro TV channel, and a 24 hour weather channel, plus all the channels we had before and all just by adding a converter box to the old set.

Try it You may like it!