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Why do we accept crap in America?

Why do we let crap be imported and sold in this country? I have often said that if Taiwan or China used their own tools they produce to repair the things in their country that are broken, than their countries have got to be falling apart.

I know that most any American who has spent a few of their hard earned bucks on things at the store, has at one time bought something that was foreign made and has used it, only to have it break on the first use or shortly after-wards. If there is anyone who hasn’t please raise your hand.

Why do we let so many of these companies import this cheep crap for us to buy. The real problem is that it isn’t changing. We all have bought something that looked good, only to have to throw it away because it’s really junk and we didn’t pay enough to make returning it worth while.

Do we as Americans want this to keep happening to our children and their kids in the future? I don’t think so. So ——————–what do we do now?

How do we separate the legitimate products that are made overseas that are good, from the junk that is being sold so someone can turn a quick buck off of unsuspecting consumers.

We have to find a system that works and use it. The only suggestion I have for now is to only buy things that are cheep but look good, from stores that you visit regularly. Now if it turns out to be crap make sure you take it back the next time you return to that store and get a refund. Why not, it was your hard earned money you spent for it in the first place, no matter how much it cost.

By returning every item that ends up being junk and not just throwing it away, maybe the stores will get the message and stop offering crap like that for sale in the first place.

So until someone comes up with a better idea to police this junk flooding our consumer markets, than let’s all pitch in and give the stores the message first.

Maybe that will end up being enough to stop companies from trying to sell that imported crap to our stores any more, because the stores know we will just end up bringing the junk back to them anyway.


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