Cash For Clunkers, Swing and a Miss.

Everyone who has not been affected by the economy stand up and cheer. Trade in your old clunker and you can receive up to $4,500 dollars toward a new car that gets better gas mileage. It’s being finalized in Washington, so check the government sites and you local car dealers that are left after the cuts, for the upcoming details.

Now if you have been affected by the economy, than take this as another swing and a miss by the government to do just one darn thing for the people who already have been hurt by the economy. You can’t take advantage of this deal because you have no home, your credit is trashed, and you don’t have a job, so you couldn’t get a new car loan if you gave your fist born child.

There is plenty that they have done for the ones who almost slid off the edge and for those of us who have lost mostly everything already, this was a chance to finally help us in some way shape or form, but they struck out as usual.

They could have easily allowed anyone who has lost their home, or anyone on unemployment or had it run out, to take their old beater to a used car dealer and receive the same check ($4,500) towards a newer – used car of that amount or lower. This would have been a way to help those that have been hurt or ruined financially by the economy. But they didn’t care enough for that group to do anything for them again.

They just don’t care about the ones that have slid over the edge, they are writing us all off. Face the facts that any help of any kind will not come to anyone who has lost anything, but only to people who are almost loosing something and to the ones who are just a little tight. Everyone who already lost or is loosing their home is just plain out a luck, so face it.

It is only obvious that this is the way it will be, when they had a perfect  chance to give those who are hurting badly, the opportunity to get a better car if they needed it and they didn’t even step up to the plate to do that much for the people who are suffering and have had their lives turned upside down or ruined entirely.

Face it. America has written off all the people who have lost their jobs and lost or are loosing their homes without a job. The government and America has not given you an option for help because you are viral, you are not needed any longer for the country to work and they want us all to vanish.

To all the Americans who are still going to work every day you are just a statistic relating to when they will be able to continue to remodel their house or buy some more high ticket items, that’s all. We mean nothing more to society and the quicker that our homes are bought up by investors, our families are broken up through stress and processed through either the divorce courts or the criminal justice system, while the ones left are living in the basements of relatives or friends, the better off America and everyone else will be.

They have purged us as waste from the economic bowels of America so that they can become leaner, greener, meaner money machines in the future, without all our dead weight attached to the system to soak up their profits.

If anyone out there is feeling this way,  I urge you to comment here, whether you would be interested in forming a “Hardship Club or Community on-line” so we all can get through this a little easier and maybe together, we can end up owning the country clubs that we used to care for and manage before we were let go.


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