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Sitcom Themes and Content are a Bad Influence on Kids. Hollywood to Blame.

Things sure are different now days when it comes to kids shows, especially sitcoms that are directed towards younger viewers. The shows use to be more laid back and with more general topics and Theme Songs were more about the characters themselves.

Today the songs that introduce the shows are a little more descriptive about problems and the attitudes of the characters. The best example I can give is Malcolm in the Middle. The shows intro sings “you ain’t the boss of me now, you ain’t the boss of me now”.

The problem I have with lyrics like these is that it is boosting younger children into being more rebellious than they would normally be at their age.

These songs and shows are taking a lot of what normally would be good kids and pushing them into the next stage of life a little sooner than they should be. The kids are missing the good messages and absorbing all the bad things in the show.

These shows are pushing the kids faster than they can handle and something has to be done to restore shows for kids to a more general family level.

Parents are responsible for everything their kids watch, but Hollywood could be a little more responsible when producing these shows, which would help the parents and society in general. Hollywood needs to be more aware of what they produce because they are influencing many audiences in ways that are not only hurting that audience, but are hurting society in the long run.

They have the power to influence people in both good and bad ways and they need to work more on the good, because they spend to much time on the bad.

More shows need to change their writing so a wider and younger audience can all sit together and feel comfortable watching, like they used to do.


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