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Save on School Supplies.

Save money on school supplies, simply wait for the teacher to give the students a list. Most of them do, at least for the younger grades and most of the older kids will be able to tell you after just a couple of days, what they need for their classes.

Sure you can jump in on all of the before school sales but don’t buy to much. Overbuying just wastes you money in the long run. The goal is to only buy through out the year just what they need and nothing more.

Sure you could stock up on all of the common items they need every year and get enough for a few years, but then you have to store them all somewhere in your home.

So unless you have some spare money now, for supplies or the sale is to good to be true, just wait and get what they need when they let you know.

By the way, You got a Pencil I could Borrow?


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