Get the better backpack and save.

It will save you money in the long run, if you get your child a better book- bag in the beginning.

All the stores sell those cheep plastic ones with the plastic zippers that only last for maybe a year and that’s all, so don’t buy one of those no matter what cute funny character is printed on it. Doing so will cause you to shell out almost 20 bucks a year every single year.

What you want to do is to go to your local sports outfitter. Most of these stores have back packs that start in the forties and go up from there. There is one major difference between the two book-bags though. The ones that you pay forty on up for will last through many grades with your child and not only have more pockets and features, but will continue working because of the better craftsmanship and materials they are made of.

Now, if your child must have some cartoon characters on it, just go to your local craft and fabric store and get some iron on pictures of their favorites. By doing this they will be happy with the decorations and they will be able to tell which bag is theirs a whole lot easier. You can even get fancy and put on some stones, stars or other decorations they use on blue jeans. Your imagination is the limit here.

Have Fun and Be Creative. Remember – Let the Kids Help Too!


Kids are tough on book-bags and buying a good one is a way to prevent having to buy a new one each and every year.

Here are some important backpack tips.

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