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Gas and Electric Companies Charging for Nothing.

DTE Energy recently sent someone a gas bill for a house that they are in the middle of fixing up. The homeowner stated that the first month, all they have done is have the gas turned on and the meter read. Paying the first bill which was a turn on charge. Funny thing is while the gas guy was there, he told the homeowner that the gas had never been shut off to the home and was already on, but the homeowner was still billed a turn on fee.

When the homeowner called DTE to complain, they were told the charge was relevant whether or not it was already on, just because someone came out.

Then they called out a furnace company to test the furnace and the test was so quick the meter didn’t move a full digit. Now here comes the fun part. They receive their second monthly bill in the mail for almost $10.00 dollars and there has been no gas usage. All the gas appliances are still shut off during the repairs.

The start and end readings on both bills and the meter are still exactly the same as the initial read, showing no usage at all. The ten bucks is all for administrative fees and special charges for having gas service to the home or just for having the account.

What a crying ripoff that is. The bite about it is that more and more companies are doing it. The only reason they get away with it, is that the fees mostly go unnoticed because we usually use some of the product during the month. So the extra charges just blend in. If we do notice them then all we do is complain about them to ourselves, and then pay it anyway because we need it.

I fully understand the need for administrative and service charges to pay for processing of payments and upkeep of the actual systems, but to charge someone those fees when they had no product usage for the month I feel is nothing but a pure ripoff.

If you have an account for something that you purchase one unit at a time according to your usage and you didn’t use it for a month, than there shouldn’t even be a bill sent out for that month.

But they send out a bill anyway showing you there is no charge $00.00 because you didn’t use the product. Then they add on service fees for using their lines and pipes, plus administrative billing charges for sending a bill out for no usage charges and now you have to pay $10.00 bucks for not using anything.

This kind of unjust billing must be stopped before all the companies charge you a flat monthly fee added on to your bills whether you used their products or services for the month or not.

The next time you receive your bill take a look at all of the charges above what they say you owe for the product or service for the month. Then use a calculator and add up all the other charges and then divide that total by your actual usage charge. This gives you in percentage, how much of the bill you are paying for other charges. It’s becoming outrageous. Especially if you are using less to try to save money.

It’s a pure ripoff and the companies and the government both know it. But it won’t change any time soon unless we start to complain to the companies and to our elected officials about it.

Like anything else that is sold and measured in some manner. Any extra fees and taxes should be tacked onto each unit of the product that is sold. With nothing being owed if you didn’t buy any!

P.S. The homeowners electric bill charged them almost three bucks for having interrupt-able service for the air-conditioner. The air-conditioner doesn’t work! OH COME ON! THIS HAS TO STOP!


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