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Cash for clunkers could have done good for more people.

We all saw everyone who was thinking of purchasing a car, run down and trade their clunkers on a new one. Most of the buyers have money or they wouldn’t have been down there.

Also most of them had cars that were actually in pretty decent condition that they traded in. So what am I getting at? Once again the government failed to take a good plan and push it from just good to great!

What they needed was a part two to the plan. Because the cars that were traded in were just scrapped anyway. So what could have been part two?

Part two would have taken anyone on welfare, unemployment, or anyone who’s car was blue-booked at less than 2 thousand and had them bring in their oil burning rags. You know the ones that you see blowing a cloud of dark smoke, that are rusting apart and barely chugging along as they roll down the road. The real cars that should have hit the junk yards years ago but due to financial circumstances the owner had no choice but to keep it on the road.

Why bring them in you say! So they could hand over the keys to their junk and get the keys to one of the traded in cars that was in much better condition than what they were driving.

By doing this they would have still had a car to scrap for every trade in and they would have gotten the cars off the road that really needed to be scrapped. Not to mention helping out a bunch of needy people and at the same time making our roads safer and the country greener for everyone.

Now when ever we see an old rusted out oil burning rag going down the road, next to a new gas saver, we can’t help but wonder how good the car was that they traded in to get the clunker deal and just how actually wasteful the mentality of our elected officials in Washington really is.

They could have gone the extra mile and the benefits would have been much greater for everybody. They could have really gotten rid of the cars that should be taken off the roads of America, not the moderately, but still usable vehicles that they scrapped.

America will never go truly green without helping some people do it. Some people just can’t afford it and by passing this opportunity to really make the deal green, by also helping the ones who can’t afford to get a brand new car, they showed how much they really care about every class of citizen and how much they really care about getting green any quicker.


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