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Save by Sharing a Food Club Card.

Ever heard of food clubs? Well they are out there and in full force, bringing you some good deals on food and household items with pricing and bulk packaging.

Yes we all know about these food clubs and if you shop wisely you can get some great deals. The bad part about it is that you have to pay for a membership card to shop there.

So how do we save money here, you might ask? Split the cost of membership with someone else that you could go shopping with. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Friend, Neighbor, just pick someone that you would like to shop with occasionally and split the cost of the card.

When you sign up, put the card in the name of the person who would use it more. Who has more money, who has the bigger family, who just goes out shopping more, decide from those factors who’s name should be on the card.

Now whenever you talk or see each other you can set up shopping dates or even make out a schedule. The choice is up to you. So go and sign up with someone and have some fun and savings while shopping.

Just a word, most of those clubs sell many things in bulk containers or packages, so plan on doing a little splitting of the goods with the other person to get the amounts that you each can use. But you will have paid bulk price for all that stuff and that’s a bargain.

Now does anyone want to buy 1/2 a case of Hot sauce, because I think I will have enough for a few meals.


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