Hey — Turn Off the Lights, Would You.

We all could jump on the band wagon and do our part to Go Green and save some energy for the future. It isn’t really hard to do and it does keep more money in your bank account to use towards other things.

The problem is that most of us just can’t mention more than a couple of things to do to get us on the right path. There is a wealth of information out there about Going Green and saving energy that we can all use.

But for now, before you start your crusade to make your household completely Green, lets try to change our habits first. What do habits have to do with Going Green? A lot!

We are creatures of habit and we get into routines in every aspect of our lives. Routines that either work well and that’s why we have the habit of doing them, or not so well but we still have that habit of doing them also.

The key to Going Green successfully is to change the wasteful habits that we continue doing, even though we know they are costing us money and wasting energy at the same time.

Do you have the habit of getting paid on Friday and then going to the car wash to get your vehicle ready for the weekend? Well lets say that you start to change that habit and wash your vehicle at home on Saturday morning while listening to some good tunes on the radio. That doesn’t sound to awful bad and besides getting the extra exercise and the fresh air, you are beginning to changed that old habit from an expensive energy hog, into something that will end up putting money back in your pocket at the end of the year.

That’s what we all need to do to get going Green. I have seen two TV sets going at the same time in different rooms with the lights on and no one was watching either set!

We all have to get in the mind set of saving energy and making sure that we turn something off after we are done using it, because that is a great and easy way to start Going Green. This not only gets the ball rolling but it gets you thinking of more ways to save energy and then there is no stopping you.

Don’t worry, you wont become someone with a compulsive behavior disorder, you will just become a conscious American concerned about the waste of energy in your home and you will become wealthier on account of it.

Go work for someone who owns a small business that gives them the right to say they are a millionaire. Not to big but bigger than small. Spend a week following around the owner and you will find that they are very concerned with energy usage in their business. You will even see them telling different personnel to turn off unnecessary lights or close doors that are propped open because they know that a major part of their operating cost is for energy, and those types of little things waste a whole lot of energy over time.

So getting on the band wagon isn’t to bad after all. All we have to do is break our bad habits that involve energy usage and develop different routines that are more energy saving. That’s just a complicated way of saying we have to remember to turn off the lights when we don’t need them, that it, simple hey!

Now get out there and Go Green. It’s simple and a money saver and you can’t beat that! So go to bed now and sleep on it.


Hey— You forgot to turn off your computer.   😉           Good Night.

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