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Watch your lottery tickets!

More and more people have heard of this and if it’s true you better watch out.

What’s happening is a scam by the sales clerks who are handed a lottery ticket and then asked to check to see if it is a winner.

What is going around, is that the clerk checks the ticket and throws it in the garbage while telling you it was not a winner, when in fact it actually is a winner. Then after you leave they turn it in and collect your winnings.

Do not do this. Simply ask for a printout of the winning numbers for that day, then take them home and see if you won. If you are unable to do this for yourself, then only have a close trusted friend or family member check or buy your tickets for you.

Remember you can get the winning numbers in all these places so you can check them for yourself if you are able.

  1. The TV. News. Usually that night or the next morning.
  2. The Newspapers. Usually the next day.
  3. The News Radio stations. Usually that night or the next day, once an hour.
  4. The Internet Lottery sites. Couple hours after a draw time, most have archives.
  5. Printed out from any lottery retailer. From the draw time, with archives.
  6. Your close friend or family members can get them for you.

So have fun and good luck . If you hit, I will ride shotgun when you go to collect.


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