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Drop the Satellite or Cable and Save.

I know we all like to watch TV and we have to keep up with the Jones’s on a lot of things, but dropping these and changing to regular Over the Air Digital TV, will save you bucks.

Drop the cable or satellite bill if your contract allows but be careful of early termination fees, most of these can cost you up to hundreds of dollars to quit the contract if you aren’t near the end. This also applies to your cell phone contracts as well.

Just add up your bills for a year and see what you would have saved. It’s enough for a good set of tires or would have fixed that problem with the car. Another thing is that the next time someone asks to borrow some money, just tell them that you wish you could but you can’t even afford cable and that will shut them up instantly because most everyone has it.

With the new digital TV signals you get pictures as clear as cable and there are some more channels added in because the new TV signals take up less space to transmit. Now we have a 24 hour movie channel, a 24 hour cartoon channel, a 24 hour home and travel channel, a 24 hour retro TV channel, and a 24 hour weather channel, plus all the channels we had before and all just by adding a converter box to the old set.

Try it You may like it!


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