Save a Penny!

You all remember the penny jars that used to sit on the shelves and in the bedrooms in most homes in America don’t you?

I will simply say that it is time for us to go back to that old fashion routine of throwing our spare change in a jar or some kind of a container to try to save a buck.

It’s sort of paying yourself at the end of each day and it can really add up over a period of time.

Place your spare change at the end of the day into a container and do this every day, then count it at the end of the month or year. You might have enough to pay for Christmas presents for the grandkids like my father in law does.

Or here is what one man did. He built a huge nightstand that was about 3 feet square and placed it next to his bed in the corner. The stand consisted of four sides and a top and bottom that were all securely attached. In the middle of the top he cut a slot for coins and he kept his night light on top of the slot on a decorative plate. He said he would throw his spare change in the plate and then put it in the nightstand when he had time. He did this over his thirty years of work. When he retired, he cashed in all the coins and bought his first new vehicle that he could ever afford. He also said that he always had the coins to think about as a security blanket in case something drastic was to happen that he couldn’t afford.

Now you can argue that if he had invested right or banked the money he could have been much much richer. His thought on that was if the money was in the bank he would have spent it. So being scared to bank or invest and being poor at saving money, he did the next best thing by saving the way he did and pretending he didn’t have the money at all.

Anyone got some wood and a saw or an old jar I could borrow?


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