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Saving Money on Novels. A Novel Idea!

Here is a good idea that has to do with trading.

You can save money on the novels you read by trading instead of buying. I have seen a neat idea in a doctors lobby. The people there put a very small bookshelf on a counter-top  and labeled it “Take a Book – Leave a Book”.

They filled it with their own used paperback novels to start and now they say that they have a constant stream of new paperbacks to read. It really works. I have seen many people using the rack and the books are always different!

You could also put one in the church hall, the local Moose, or anywhere the owner of most any establishment will allow.

Another thing is to network with some of your closest friends and include their friends also. Each person makes up a list of their books and gets a list from one of their friends if they are interested. Then collect the lists and create one giant list, putting the persons name who owns the book beside the title. Then list each persons name and phone number on the top of the page,  numbered from #1 to how many people you have. Copy the list and make sure everyone on the list gets a copy. You might only have a couple people to start, but as others hear about it the list will grow. Now the first month you each call the next person on the list below your own number (bottom calls the top) and borrow a book from them. When the month is over you all give back the books that were borrowed so the list stays intact.

Now you all continue each month increasing the number by one and calling the next person on the list who’s number is after the one you just borrowed from, then the cycle repeats each month. At the end of the list, start over again at the top. Remember to occasionally add books the people want to add to the list, then update the list and give everyone a new copy.

Make sure that everyone lives close because you don’t want anyone to have to drive to far to get or return a book. Doing this with bowling team mates or some club members you know or school buddies that you see at least on a monthly basis works very well. So does doing this with your fellow workers.

This is not only a way to have a ton of books to read, but it will also possibly be a way to make new friends with the people your friends know.

But for now, I have a new Spider Man comic book, Anyone, have Superman?


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