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Scrapping wisely can earn you more.

Yes we all know about scrapping and the little things we can do to make that scrap more valuable to the scrap-man. Things such as stripping copper wire or separating metal types before you take the scrap in, will get you a higher price.

But did you realize that some of the items you pick up for scrap are worth more to someone else than they may be to a scrap yard?

Here is what you do. Save the items by type, such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washers – dryers, etc… You get the picture. Wait until you have a load of any one. Now take all those vacuums to the nearest vacuum repair shop and have them come out and see what you have, all the while you are reminding them about all of the good spare parts that can be salvaged by a good technician in his spare time and how that will save them money on repairs.

Now ask them what they will give you for the bunch and if it sounds better than the scrap price than take it, or bargain up from there.

There are many kinds of repair shops out there that sell repaired used units also, besides repairing them. These shops are always looking for deals on parts and if one of the items is hard to find, they will be especially interested in getting it for parts or to fix up and sell.  Save up a load and take it to them. You might have to visit a few before someone will take them, but the money is sure to be better than turning everything in for scrap.

If you get a sale, then let them know that you are willing to get more for them whenever they want some. Set up another load and your in business. If they don’t want more right away then give them your contact info and keep looking for another load in case they call.

One mans Junk is another mans Treasure.


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