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Cell Phones are Killing Pay Phones. Over Several Million Dead!

Believe it or not, not everyone has a cell phone yet. Ya I know! How do they get along without it. Well people, believe it or not, not everyone can afford to have a cell phone. Even with the free phone from the government for people with a low income, Safelink.com, not everyone has one.

So what does someone do if they break down or need help and their cell phone isn’t working or they don’t have one? Nothing, You are sunk, because one form of technology has killed off another form of technology.

The home phone evolved into pay phones and phone booths which actually didn’t leave anybody out. They included more people. Then the pay phone evolved into the car phone for the rich, but we kept pay phones around so everyone was still included. Then the car phone evolved into the cell phone which included more people but still not everyone. Now the cell phone is so popular it killed most car phones and is causing pay phones to fall by the wayside, even taking out some home phones as well. Since not everyone can afford one, this is leaving many people out cold who need to make a call.

There used to be a pay phone on every corner and at every gas station or convenienceĀ  store, but now with the evolution of the cell phone, the pay phone has just about vanished from the landscape along with cassette tapes and dinosaurs. This is a prime example of how technology can evolve, but when it does there are some people who are left out because all the bases weren’t covered so no one would be left behind.

Phones can break, not receive signals, or be just plain dead and when that happens to you I hope that nothing major is going on, because you will be the one who is left out and when you walk into a business to borrow their phone and they tell you no, you will be sunk just like the people who depended on pay phones have been sunk for a while now.

My proposition is as follows. Why doesn’t some smart company develop a wireless pay phone that is small and built into a small pole or something. It would still accept coins, however the only thing that would be touchable is a coin slot. It would work on voice command with the speaker enclosed in the unit. All automated with coin operation and voice command dialing. No real parts for anyone to vandalize or tamper with at all.

This would then become the new form of pay phone and once again if you needed a phone, one would be available again at most corners. Now no one would be left out any longer.

All in All, advancements in technology are generally good, as long as they doesn’t leave anyone standing along the roadside without it when it changes!


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