Do you know what your LOCAL news channel is?

When was the last time you watched any local news weatherman give the weather for South Eastern Michigan? Probably not that long ago. Tell me then, What counties were on the map that they use? I bet it was most of the counties south of Flint and west of Jackson, clear down to Toledo including the ones just across the Ohio border. It possibly included our friends across the water in Windsor as well. The report was probably given for the Detroit Metropolitan area in general. They may have mentioned some specific numbers for certain cities also. So we all got the weather for the region that evening which included a lot of counties, now didn’t it. So the weather broadcast portion of the news works great for everyone, but what happened when it involves the actual local news reports?

The Metropolitan Detroit area is usually considered to be made up of Three counties. Wayne county, being the home of Detroit and the downriver communities as well as communities to the immediate north/west of Detroit. Then there is Oakland county, which is a combination of communities northwest of Detroit, excluding the northeast upriver communities of the last county which is, Macomb county. Oh yea, a couple of extra ones in the mix, Washtenaw county catches the overflow, containing the cities farther west of Wayne county. We cant forget Monroe to the south of Wayne County.

So there they are, the big five honchos that make up the Greater Metropolitan Detroit Area. Cool huh.

Now, do you remember when the old emergency broadcast system was used. Yep, the one with that annoying squeal that lasted for 30 seconds. Remember that? Now think back to what they used to say. ” If this had been an actual emergency you would have been instructed where to tune to the local station serving your area for additional news and information. This station serves the bla bla bla area including the cities of bla bla bla.”, close enough!!!

My point is that you had a local station that was for your area and each one concentrated more on their areas with overlapping big news stories found on a couple of stations.

I don’t think that anyone actually knew what their local station was for their area even though they heard it almost every time they heard that annoying tone. The only thing they knew, was that they were located in the Greater Metropolitan Detroit Area and they found the station that seemed to cater more to their local area.

I now ask this question of you all, Did that old emergency system, help determine what local T.V. station would serve what specific area? I am sure that it did. So my final question to you all, is what happened to that idea of T.V. stations serving local areas when reporting the daily news, except for the big stories as stated above. Since they all have the same stories, we are missing the local news for our individual broadcast areas.

There may be a bunch of small stories happening in your city but you will never hear about them because all the news trucks and the choppers for every station are always at the big scene. They all say that they are your local news channel but are they really?

What is it that makes certain places be well reported about, while others get passed over almost daily? It’s the big stories that attract viewers from other stations. But, I ask you all, is this fair to everyone? Naturally we all understand that a bigger city will have more news events to cover, or a big money city will have more scandals to report, but when it all boils down to it, there are cities that are just plain overlooked for their daily news because the stations rank some cities as being more important no matter what the story may be.

What brought down the idea of local service areas and why have the news stations been allowed to key in only on areas they seem to favor. You see it every night on your local news channels and it is becoming more prevalent as the years go by. In days gone by, people would find the station that reported more news in their city and stick with them. But now no matter what channel you select, they all seem to choose the same specific cities over others in their reporting of the news.

Also have you noticed that the individual stories on all the channels are the same except for a couple of filler bits between the real news stories. They all must be good on spying on each other is all I have to say. This seems to happen routinely, or more than it should. Especially when it’s a heavy news day and there are tons of good important stuff to cover that is happening all over the entire region. Wow “what a quinkidink” (coincidence) as granpa used to say.

I know a lot of what makes up the news comes in from certain paths . They use to have news services, such as A.P.I on teletype, and now it probably comes in on the internet somewhere for the news hawks to pick up. That was usually the big news, not considered local. So why do all the local Greater Metropolitan Detroit news broadcasts look like they use the same script most of the time. The only thing that may change from time to time is that the guy who delivers the scripts to the stations drops them and the stories get told in different order on the different stations because the pages are not numbered. Do you know what I mean?

How about getting back to telling the news with set reporting areas for each station unless it’s a major story. After all you are supposed to be our local news aren’t you?


This one wasn’t a news broadcast, but it shows the difficulties that can plague newscasters and interviewers. It’s funny and sad at the same time. We might use it later in a post about Human Nature. But for now just check it out.

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