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Just Park in the Fire Lane.

As America grows so do the number of people and the amounts of everything that pertain to life. More people, equals more actions. More of everything.

And this is where I ask the question, Are Americans becoming more lazy and more lawbreaking or is it the fact that there are just more people now days?

With more people you see more of everything and I sure hope that’s the reason you can find someone, no matter what time of day, who is parked in the fire lane at the mall, strip mall, or local stores of any kind.

If it’s happening more because there are more people in society, than so be it. But if it’s actually growing as it appears to be, than we have got a serious problem starting in America that is not serious now, but will lead to much more serious disregaurding of the law happening in the future.

People who park in the fire lanes at stores is getting out of hand. Pretty soon all of the designers and architects who work on any public building will have to change the parking lots so that this can’t happen and no longer is an issue.

The reason they design a road close to the stores is for traffic and to let emergency vehicles get right up to the door in case they need to respond to a situation.

Laws like these that are cut and dry are the laws that need to be enforced with big brother tactics. Not the intersections where they look for someone running a yellow. There are a whole set of circumstances as to why individuals drive through yellow lights and some contributing factors may have been in play that the camera couldn’t possibly have known. But you either park or don’t park in the fire lane and that’s that.

I don’t believe in big brother for any reason other than the safety of the country. But when lazy law breaking people park in the fire lane, I sure wish there was a camera mounted in these areas so they all could be ticketed.

What is the matter with people now days that they would risk a ticket or having their car towed away and possibly block a fire trucks way, just so they can save a few steps from the parking area across from the fire lane.

Any individual who feels that they have the right to do so needs a ticket and a trip to the shrink to let them know that they are no better than anyone else. The bite about it is that most of these people are perfectly healthy and don’t have a thing wrong with them, at least physically.

They are consciously deciding to break the law as soon as they step out of their car and close the door. These kind of people with this mind set are the ones in society who just make trouble and cause everyone else grief.

But the scary part is that they feel they are above the law. When you get so many people in America that feel this way, then things are going to get bad for every law abiding citizen who is just trying to get through their day.

There are laws in this country for many reasons and the laws are designed to keep things working well. When people start to disregard them, then things start to happen that normally wouldn’t and things get worse for everyone.

Americans are usually caring people who will offer a helping hand when someone needs it. Not all, or even most, but a good majority would. Now if this majority is crumbling, then we are on a path of self destruction in this country.

Laws are their for a reason and there is no way for this country to advance if it’s full of people who think they are better than everyone and go around blatantly disregarding the laws that keep things working.

So next time you see a car parked in the fire lane, we need to stand up as Americans by calling the police, and if they say they are busy and will send a car out when they can, then tell them your next call will be to the fire chief, because he might understand the importance of the matter a little better.


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