Schools In. Remember The Children.

Go ahead and accidentally hit a child because you were disobeying school bus signals and your life will be changing drastically, if the parents don’t get a hold of you first.

Yes, summer is now over and the school year has begun. We owe all our kids who attend school the same vigilance that we use to get when we were the ones getting off the buses.

More and more people are starting to be seen trying to go by school buses and people, this is totally wrong. To think that some little boy or girl won’t be living out the rest of their life because someone was in a hurry to get to work, or home, or just to get anywhere is just plain unthinkable….

You are given the privilege of driving a motor vehicle because you are old enough to show that you can handle all of the responsibilities that go along with driving. You notice I said it is a privilege and not a right. That is because anything that can be taken away from you is actually just a privilege. Something you have a right to do will be kept with you through your lifetime and is to be expected. The only thing that can interfere with your rights is whether or not you are incarcerated for something.

So trust this: if you disregard school bus signals and endanger the lives of the children, than you will be on your way to loosing your privilege of driving. Now if you hurt one of the kids with your motor vehicle, you will no longer be the least bit concerned as to whether or not driving is actually your right or privilege, because you will loose it no matter what you think it is!

So come on America, lets be careful of the children of America so they can have a safe and fun school year. After all my friends, that is not their privilege – it is their right!!!


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