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Farmers Markets, End of The Season Sales.

We discussed Farmers Markets as being the place to go for great deals on some good produce. So now, we will ramp it up a little bit more because now is the time to visit those markets regularly so you can get in on all of their sell out deals that many have.

These deals are much better than their regular summer prices. What is happening is they are trying to sell off all the excess stock they have before their set closing time (if they are only a summertime market).

The deals sometimes are so good that they would beat the cost of planting your own garden, many times, hand down. You can walk away with paper bags full of corn for a buck apiece,  to bushels of tomatoes for only five bucks a bushel.

The deals are spectacular so you better plan on either having a lot of friends to share with or feed, or you better learn to can because a lot of it may go to waste otherwise.


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