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Live Life for Yourself, Not Your Parents.

You know, I never thought that I’d be writing a post about this topic, so I had better be careful and not tick myself off. Also this only pertains to anyone of legal age or older. If you are a kid or a teen than by all means listen and follow what your parents tell you. They are trying to help you get through your problems, using their experiences as a guide. But if you’re an adult, then listen up.

You, being an adult, have to make decisions for yourself as an adult and not because it is what your mom or your dad want you to do. Now if they want you to drop that drug addiction or something else that would definitely help you become a better person in any way, than by all means listen to that.

But for all of the other things that are there in your life for you to decide on, do what you feel is best for yourself. You are now an adult and if you make adult like decisions that they don’t agree with sometimes, then they will just have to learn to deal with it if they don’t like it. Get out from under moms apron and dads chair and stand up and be the man or woman that they raised.

After all, their job of raising you ended with you becoming legal age. All they have the right to do now is to speak to you about things and then make suggestions to you. You are now an adult and can now make your own choices. Sure you can always ask your parents for ideas or suggestions, but the good thing is you can make your own well informed decisions now.

Be reasonable though. If you are older and still living under their roof then you will have to abide by their rules they set while you are there. Just as any tenant would have to, whether you pay rent or not. But if you don’t agree with them than discuss the issues like an adult and don’t carry on as if you are still 13. Try to reach an agreement on the big issues and the little ones will usually fall into place. You will always have rules to follow no matter how old you get, because the world is full of rules and laws that are there to guide and help us make the right decisions. But you still get to make your own decisions using rules and information as your guide.

I see so many people living their lives to please mom and dad even if they have passed long ago. They live like they are trying for their parents approval and make their decisions according to what mom and dad would have wanted, not themselves.

I have seen everything from people living in the old family home, (which is ready for the wrecking ball) because that’s what mom would have wanted and she’s been gone now for twenty five years, to guys spending hundreds of thousands of dollars restoring a car because dad drove it. But what dad never told you is that he hated that car and actually always wanted a different one!

People working at jobs just because that’s what their parents wanted them to do. The list goes on with tons of ways that people are living their lives for their parents and not for themselves. They never truly develop into the actual individuals they are meant to be, because they are still doing things the way their parents would want them to.

This is no way to live your life. You are an adult living in a world of what pleases your parents and not yourself. Now if it happens to be that what you decide, would please them, than that’s OK. But if you want something for yourself, other than what they want for you, than why on earth should you be trying to please them and not yourself, because after all, it’s your life!

If you still have you parents, than by all means include them in your life because they won’t be around forever, but continue making your own decisions. Now if your parents are gone, than keep those precious items of remembrance, but continue making your own decisions. Live life the way your parents taught you, but continue making your own decisions. Whether they are here or not, they taught you what you need to know to make those decisions , so go out and continue making your own decisions.

Grow up, no matter how old you are. Become a real individual and don’t be afraid to make those decisions, because You are Living Your Life Now.

After all it is your life and not theirs!


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