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All the Wii games and All the Kings horses. Listen Up Sears.

What is this I heard? The major retailer of all retailers as far as I am concerned, is Dying? That’s the talk on the street, anyway.

So what are they left to do? All the Wii games and All the Kings horses couldn’t put Sears back together again.  However, it’s not what you sell but how you go about doing it.

As we all know, The Sears Catalog fell off the wall a long time ago and they can’t put it back together again. Or could they. Why should they?

The thing that would once again put Sears back in the spotlight is The Sears Catalog. Catalogs have been thrown to the wayside with the invent of the internet. Now to see what anyone is selling is as easy as “search and find”.

So just why would a store produce a catalog and send it to every home in America, for its inhabitants to look at? Well I’ll tell ya why!

Sears and Roebuck used to be a CATALOG store, and quite frankly I don’t take my laptop into the bathroom, but I do take reading material. Heck, there are millions of seniors without computers who would still use them.

What about all those repair guys sitting around on break and looking through the Grainger Catalog. They still have one,  it’s in most every factory break area in America for good reason. It gets them millions of sales.

Catalogs have fallen by the wayside only to be posted electronically on the internet. We have lost that intimacy we used to have with catalogs in America, being able to thumb through one any time we found one lying around somewhere. It is still yet way too early for a catalog store to survive without the printed form.

Besides I remember it was different and fun to look for something in a catalog, compared to the computer. Most of the time you knew just by the thickness of the pages left in your hand that you were close to the page that held your cherished item.  You would thumb through hundreds of pages at the blink of an eye only to stop within a couple pages of what you wanted to show someone.

Catalogs were a different form of fun and something else to do when someone was bored and just sitting somewhere. They were all over everywhere and they were always looked at and by a ton of people. Imagine all of those potential sales that have gone by the way-side because its easier to look something up on the web.

The reason Sears needs to bring back The Catalog to the homes of America, is so we can have the opportunity to look at or shop for something without having to turn on the computer. It may seem old Fashioned but I bet if Sears put their Catalog back into every home in America, next to the phone book where it used to be, than they would be back on top in no time.


Catalogs are still used very heavily in the business world, because even with all the catalogs on the internet, smart companies know that catalogs still sell products.

You can go Go Green and remove some of the unwanted catalogs from your mail box. Watch the following video. I haven’t tried the sites that are referenced so you are on your own.

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