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A Designer Disease and The New Excuse.


Why does it seem that the new disease of the X Generation is Bipolar Disorder?

I first heard of the disease in the 70’s when a friend was diagnosed as having it. To be honest, since then I have only heard it mentioned in a couple of news stories and never heard of anyone else with it until more recently.

Now it seems like there are so many younger people who have it, so many in fact that I have met dozens of people who say they have it, in only the last few years. What’s up with that?

Well I am not sure as to the reason for this disease to suddenly multiply like it has, but there are three common threads that bind all those that I have spoken with who supposedly were diagnosed with it.

The three common factors are as follows. The first factor is that the people who claim to have it are mainly, very bold and loud individuals, you know, the life of the party type of person and when they mention having it they speak as if they are extremely proud to be a member of the club.

Secondly, most of those that I have spoken with, use the fact that they have the disease to either back up, or explain episodes of bad behavior or rudeness that happened in their past or they use it as an excuse for future outbursts and confrontations that they are planning to possibly happen. Examples:  (“I’ll kick their behind if they tick me off, and they don’t want to see my other side, I’m Bipolar”). or (You are talking face to face and they just walk away without saying anything. When they return it’s “Sorry but I’m Bipolar and I just remembered I left the light on in the garage so I wanted to turn it off.”)

Lastly, They use it as an excuse for not doing things they should. Example: (“I can’t load the dishwasher because it takes a lot of thought and i”m Bipolar.”) or (“I can’t work, because I can’t multitask, because I’m Bipolar.”)

I guess that these people may be Bipolar somewhat, or at least think they are, but this new group doesn’t take prescribed medication which also leads me to think that they weren’t actually diagnosed as Bipolar by a doctor.

Plus, the people who are actually diagnosed don’t go around bragging about it and they generally don’t exhibit those factors or use the excuse of being Bipolar before doing something.

Why then would anyone walk around claiming they are Bipolar in different situations? Because it is a convenient excuse to use on someone, when your mistake or bad attitude or bad manners happen, but you still want to look good to other people.

So, Generation X has picked up on this disease and has made it their personal excuse to act however they want to act, even if their actions are incorrect or bad. Why, —- Because they say they are Bipolar! So you can’t blame them for their actions!

Yea so “Bite Me”!

OOPS,  I’m not Bipolar, So therefor, I fully Apologize.


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