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Koolaid, Daydreams, and Hot Summer Days!

I don’t know about you, but I can remember as a kid spending many hot summer days filled with liquid refreshments, daydreams and friends!

It’s called summer vacation and for good reason, we all, especially the children, need to take a little break from whatever it is we do daily and wind down somewhat, so we can come back with a new perspective on things or finally feel a little refreshed for a while.

We use-to learn about all kinds of things that weren’t taught in school when we were on summer vacation. The world around us became one huge science experiment with new things being learned daily. We also grew mentally, as we experienced all we did on our summer vacations with our friends and families. Our children and their children all need to have this time to develop and mature just as we did during those long hot summer days.

But once again our government thinks they know what would be best for the country and President Obama wants to extend the school hours per day and possibly remove some if not all of our children’s summer developmental vacation time, so we as a country will be smarter and more competitive in the future.

What he is not looking at, is a child’s mind can only be pushed so far before they mentally start to overload and start to deal badly with even the easiest of tasks. This factor alone should be of enough importance to realize that we can only push our kids just a little more and that’s it. They are at their maximum intake level already. 10 hours sleeping, 10 hours up and off to school, 1 hour for after school functions or play, 1 to 1.5 hours homework,   1 to 1.5 hours dinner and getting ready for bed. Now repeat the process 5 out of 7 days a week for 9 months out of the year! How much busier do you want them to be!

To make the school day three hours longer would make our child’s day longer than most adults spend at work every day, especially during this recession when many workers are on cutback schedules. Also to remove most of their summer vacation would be mentally detrimental to most of them.

I look at President Obama’s big grin that he gets when he knows a real answer to a personal question he may be asked, but realizes he has to give a politically correct answer instead. I have seen that grin many times and it is unmistakable.

So I ask President Obama, does he remember anything at all from any of his summer vacations as a child, that still stands out plain as day in his mind when thought about?  Do You?  I would also ask him, as a kid did he ever get into any mischief that he could get in trouble for during summer vacation and if so, did he get caught or get away with it? Also were their any special moments or fun times spent with your friends or fond adults during those lazy kid days of summer, that he will remember for the rest of his days as a person here on earth?

I can guarantee that for all of those answers, he would be wearing that warm giant grin across his face and after thinking about his answers to those items, he would then turn away and say to himself quietly, “Man what was I thinking when I thought up those new school ideas !”

I guess it would be easy as president to forget about the intellectual side of things and focus his actions strictly for the good of the country. But for this one, he has to remember what would be more for the good of the children, first!

Hey Joe, please pass the lemonade if you would be so kind, Mr. Vice President, and by the way, doesn’t that cloud up there sorta look like John McCain? Yes it does Mr. President, and that one over there looks like Sarah Palin! It sure does Joe!

Ha Ha Ha, What a great time they both had (Barrack and Joe), sitting on the East Lawn on a hot summers day, drinking Koolaid and watching the fluffy clouds drift slowly by. The rest of the day’s itinerary for the President reads as follows;  5pm Go fishing with Joe.,  7:30pm Evening swim in the reflection pool with Bill Clinton and some Aids.,  9pm A game of Flashlight Tag with the senators on the White House grounds, followed by a sing along and marshmallows by the camp fire.,

Ahhhhhhhhhh Wasn’t Summer Vacation Great!



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