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Exercise and Work, A Great Combination!

Exercise Contains a Secret Ingredient.

Have you ever considered joining a gym or buying new or used home gym machines to get the physical exercise that is necessary to maintain good health, only to come to the conclusion that your daily job is actually physical enough, so once again you opt out of doing anything?

Next time, if you are really serious about joining or buying, but start comparing your physical job to exercise again, just think of the secret ingredient, that true exercise really has – Variety, and you might end up doing it this time.

Many of us who work a routine 40 hour a week job, think that we do not have to exercise, because of the amount of physical activity we get while doing our job.

If you compare most any job out there that is extremely physical, with a routine visit to the gym or health club, most of them may be as physically involved, but there is one major thing that makes them very different from each other.

Variety is the secret ingredient in exercise that makes it so much more beneficial than the work that most people do daily. When we exercise we develop a routine that works out most every muscle in our body.

Our work however, may work hard on several muscle groups, but usually lacks the variety of movements necessary to give all the muscle groups a complete workout.

Sure, your job may be very demanding and physically challenging, but chances are that you only work hard with certain muscle groups, not all of them. Your biceps and shoulders may be made of steel because you load bales of hay all day long, but your lower body strength in that case may be falling behind.

Certain muscles that you use to perform your job duty may be dog tired at the end of the day, while others may barely be used at all.

For a person to be completely fit, they have to work at a routine which contains all the various exercises, that include all of our muscle groups. The variety that proper exercise provides, fills in the gaps that our daily jobs just don’t provide.

Stop and think about the individual muscle groups that your job provides a workout to on a routine basis, then think of all the muscles that you don’t use much during the workday. Now take a visit to your local fitness center or gym and see if they offer a free trial. Tell them what your job is and that you would like to concentrate on the other muscles while you are there.

Notice how dang good you feel after the workout, compared to when you left work. Your body just got a complete workout and you may be sore tomorrow but you feel great right now because of it. You got a workout with variety.

So the next time you feel tired because you have a strenuous job, just remember a good thorough workout with a little variety will cure that. So join a gym or health club, or buy that home gym equipment. You will feel like a new you for doing so.


Now here is a little light hearted comedy about exercise, to help relieve a little more stress.

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