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Free speech and a Football game?

There is one thing that changed in the NFL three years ago and it is still missing today.

The right as Americans to Free Speech. When a player gets a touchdown or interception in the end zone, the rule is no celebrating by dropping down to the turf or spiking the ball.

Doesn’t this rule invade a little on the players right to free speech?

You bet it does! What it also does is belittle the organization for having such a rule. Why don’t they quit trying to take away players rights and instead impose a proper rule on the celebrating.

If they are afraid that a players celebration is disrupting things, than why not simply limit the display of happiness to a 5 or 10 second time limit. Anyone caught going over the limit will get a little bench time and that’s that.

Problem solved, the players still gets to do their thing, and the game continues on without a lengthy interruption. Plus by doing so, the NFL doesn’t look so uncaring and demanding any more.

The time has come, and it’s been too long overdue.


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