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Brown bag it right and Save Even More!

It would be great to go out for lunch every day as some people do, but when you can’t afford it you have to get by with the old brown bag.

I have realized something though, How you go about brown bagging it can save you even more money than you thought you would.

What I mean is there is an OK way that will save you a buck, but if you do it right you can save a couple more pretty easily and here is how.

We all like the little store bought items that come in the individual serving size store packages,  but have you compared the prices for those individual servings versus buying the large family size item and splitting it up yourself.

You wont believe it, but you are paying top dollar for all those neat little bags and packages of stuff, with all those brand names plastered on those serving containers. So what do you do?

Buy the bulk or family size items and then go buy some self stick food wrap, reusable plastic containers or get some of those reusable hot or cold food containers to put individual servings in. The zip closed bags are OK, but will end up costing you a bundle by the end of a year of lunches. Not really saving you much at all.

With the self stick food wraps, make sure you don’t fold it over to many times. Just use what covers the food and press it together gently if it really sticks good, and teach your child how to pull it open. Try to open it yourself after wrapping it and that will tell you weather or not your kids will be able to open it easily or not. Kids seem to have a problem with wrap, if it’s wrapped to much or to tightly.

You can even pack hot and cold in the same lunch with some of the new insulated carry lunch bags they sell. You will not only save and get more for your money, but your savings will grow much faster than buying those neat little packages.

And trust this also, the separated and home packed items will definitely be easier to open than most of those expensive single servings too!

So save a buck by brown bagging it correctly and pack the whole family to save even more!

Go Green, It’s good for the environment too!




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