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KFC is Free again. Free KFC Chicken / OCT-26-2009

It may not seem like much and it might turn out to be another thing that El Polo Loco bashes KFC for, to again try to make a better name for themselves. When KFC decided not to include the last free offer on Mothers Day, they knew the free offer would only prevent, complete customer satisfaction to the normal huge increase of people getting chicken for mom on Mothers Day, so she doesn’t have to cook. Hey, at least KFC is trying to help again. That is a Good example of Real American Spirit folks.

It was published that Monday October 26th, 2009 plan to wait in line for a while at 5000 KFC ‘s because they are going to give everyone a free piece of their Kentucky Grilled Chicken and for no cost at all. They are not giving a meal like last time, but a piece of chicken for free still isn’t bad nowadays.

So lets thank KFC for trying again to be one of the businesses out there that realizes the times we are in and isn’t afraid to try to step up and help some people out a little, while promoting their new chicken! I’d like to see El Polo Loco try that!

Now please pass me a leg and dig in!


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